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Therapy Plan


Therapy Session

What To Expect In Therapy?

I appreciate that starting therapy can feel like an anxiety provoking experience and aim to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Here I have outlined the key steps involved in starting therapy with myself.


Initial Contact

Contact me first using the 'contact' page on this website. I will then arrange a suitable time and date to speak with you over the phone. The initial consultation over the phone is free. During the consultation I can address any worries or concerns you have. The consultation normally takes 10-15 minutes. If it feels appropriate to proceed we can arrange a first appointment. Appointments are usually offered 1:1 via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. I work with adults aged 18 and over.


First Appointment

In the first appointment I will spend time assessing your problems and your needs. This will include gathering some demographic information and asking questions about your current difficulties, personal history, and reasons for seeking therapy. The first appointment typically lasts between 1 hour- 1hour 30 minutes. Sometimes more time is needed to assess your problems. If this is the case we can discuss this at the end of the appointment.

After assessing your problems, we can discuss together some of the factors that might be contributing to and maintaining your difficulties. I will also propose a therapy plan. You can then decide whether to decide to proceed with the proposed plan and are no obligation to start therapy unless you want to. We can also discuss what type of therapy would work best for you.

Therapy sessions are offered individually 1:1 via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Typically sessions involve discussing problems and considering evidence based psychological ideas or strategies to manage the problems discussed. Therapy sessions are limited to approximately 50 minutes.

Ready to book a session with me?

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